Basic Electrical Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ)

Multiple Choice Questions

Basic Electrical Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Basic Electrical (MCQ)

Question 1: Which of the following type of circuits in electrical engineering cannot be analyzed using Ohm’s law?
A Unilateral
B Conductors
C Linear
D Bilateral
Answer:A Unilateral
Question 2: Determines the relationship between current, resistance, and voltage.
A Ohm, Georg Simon (1826 AD)
B Hans Christian is a German author (1846 AD)
C Bardeen, John (1816 AD)
D Shockley, William (1836 AD)
Answer:A Ohm, Georg Simon (1826 AD)
Question 3: The current unit (I) is
A Ohm
B Ampere
C Watts
D Volts
Answer:B Ampere
Question 4: The Resistance Unit (R) is?
A Ohm
B Watts
C Volts
D Ampere
Answer: A Ohm
Question 5: The Voltage Unit (V) is ?
A Volts
B Amprer
C Siemen
D Ohm
Answer: A Volts



Question 6: 10 milliampere equals- ?
A 10A
B 0.01A
C 0.1A
D 0.001A
Answer: B 0.01A
Question 7: The Tungsten filament in a light bulb has a resistance of-
A Non-Linear
B Fixed
C Linear
D Linear and Fixed
Answer: A Non-Linear
Question 8: The following are the most common non-linear resistor types:?
A Thermistor Resistor
B Photo Resistor or LDR Resistor
C Varistor Resistor
D All
Answer: D All
Question 9: The Conductance Unit is ?
A ohm
B mho/m
C mho
D Ampere
Answer: C mho
Question 10: The watt is an electric power unit named after Scottish inventor?
A James Watt (1736–1819)
B Walter Houser Brattain (1902–1987)
C Alexander Graham Bell (1847–1922)
D Otto Blathy (1860–1939)
Answer: A James Watt (1736–1819)

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