Basic Electrical Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ)

Multiple Choice Questions

Basic Electrical Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Basic Electrical (MCQ)

Question 1: Ward-Leonard control is basically a ___________ control method.
AArmature voltage control.
B Field control.
C Armature resistance control.
D Field diverter control.
Answer: A Armature voltage control.
Question 2: When the square wave is given to primary to a transformer then secondary will gives
A pulse waveform.
B sine waveform.
C square waveform.
D no waveform.
Answer: A pulse waveform.
Question 3: For very sensitive and wide speed control, the preferable control method is
A Armature control.
B Ward-Leonard control.
C Multiple voltage control.
D Field control.
Answer:B Ward-Leonard control.
Question 4: The efficiency of two identical transformers under loaded conditions can be determined by
A back-to-back test.
B short-circuit test.
C open circuit test.
Dany of the above.
Answer: A back-to-back test.
Question 5: Eddy current loss will depends on
A Frequency
B Flux density
C Thickness
DAll of the above
Answer: DAll loss- Frequency,Flux density,Thickness



Question 6: Which of the following special transformer is used to convert unbalanced signal to balanced signal?
A Isolation transformer.
B Balun.
C Auto transformer.
D Center tapped transformer.
Answer: BBalun.
Question 7: Hysteresis loss will depends on
A f
Answer: A f
Question 8: When the iron losses of a distribution transformer decreases, then its all day efficiency
A increases.
B decreases.
Dnone of the above.
Answer: A increases.
Question 9: Thin laminations are used in a machine in order to reduce
A Hysteresis losses
BCopper losses
C Eddy current losses
DBoth A and B
Answer: CEddy current losses
Question 10: The main purpose of using core in a transformer is to
A decrease reluctance of the common magnetic circuit.
Bdecrease iron losses
C prevent eddy current loss.
D eliminate magnetic hysteresis.
Answer: A decrease reluctance of the common magnetic circuit.

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