Basic Electrical Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ)

Multiple Choice Questions

Basic Electrical Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Basic Electrical (MCQ)

Question 1: The functions of using stepped core in transformer is to reduce
A volume of copper.
B hysteresis losses
C eddy current losses.
D reluctance of core.
Answer: A volume of copper.
Question 2: Hysteresis loop represents the area of
A hysteresis loss
B copper loss
C eddy current loss
D total iron losses
Answer: A hysteresis loss
Question 3: When the transformer is loaded then the secondary terminal voltage will fall for
A unity power factor.
B lagging power factor.
C leading power factor.
D lagging and leading power factor.
Answer:B lagging power factor.
Question 4: The emf induced in the dc generator armature winding is
CAC and DC
DNone of the above
Answer: AAC
Question 5: Which part of the transformer is most affected by the overheating?
A winding insulation.
B winding of transformer.
C transformer core.
Dtransformer tank.
Answer: A winding insulation.



Question 6: Commutator in DC generator is used for
Acollecting of current
B onvert AC armature current in to DC
C reduce losses
D increase efficiency
Answer: B onvert AC armature current in to DC
Question 7: Minimum voltage regulation occurs when the power factor of the load is
A leading.
B unity.
Answer: A leading.
Question 8: A DC generator without commutator is a
A AC generator
BDC motor
CDC generator
D induction motor
Answer: AAC generator
Question 9: The chemical used in breather of a transformer should have property of
A absorbing heat.
Bionizing air.
C absorbing moisture.
Dcleaning oil.
Answer: Cabsorbing moisture.
Question 10: In DC machine yoke offers
A mechanical protection to the machine
B flux path completion
Cproduce working flux
Dboth A and B
Answer: D both A and B

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